In the sunset

As the temperatures in Norway have been absolutely burning the past two months, none of our horses have had a very active lifestyle. Training increases the risk of overheating, sadly, and even though they spend a lot of time in their cooler stable, it doesn’t help how many cold showers you give them. Hot is hot!


So the solution has been to train more during the evening. Diego is no evening horse, and neither is Lillen, but Brego gets super excited when I bring out his tack! So I’ll take that as a hint!

Out of shape and out of balance, but we got some cute pictures in the sunset yesterday, so here you go.






Autumn sunshine

Harsh and difficult to shoot in, but oh boy is it magnificent!



DSC_0332DSC_0343Sometimes our photoshoots get quite crowded 😛



I don’t have much to write today, so I hope you enjoyed these pictures! I enjoyed shooting them atleast, even if the sunlight is very tough during autumn! Cred to my mother for being sporty and modeling along with Lillen.

The harsh sun gives the pictures such a great mood, but oh boy can the contrasts be tough to work through. And having the equipage in direct sunlight is not an easy task.