Klesarven photo shoot

Reklame/in collaboration with Klesarven!

Okay, I’ve grown more and more accepting of standing in front of the camera alongside of Lillen and our other horses, which is funny because that confidence has grown probably because of Instagram. But being in front of the camera WITHOUT a horse? That was a new experience.


Klesarven is a Norwegian company, selling historically inspired clothing. Most of the clothes are inspired from the Viking Age, but they also have other pieces inspired by other time periods, and they are perhaps most famous for their amazeballs riding skirt.

However, no riding skirts were on the schedule for today, only linen dresses, apron/harness dresses, hoods and bling!

I’ve previously “only” tried out their riding pieces, both the skirt and the riding dress, so being able to wear their other dresses was a really nice experience. I have to say; the red and black combination really intruiges me. I know it isn’t historically accurate, but screw that! Although… My entire life I’ve fallen back to the red and black combination, perhaps I should just push myself outta that comfort zone and try something else… Hmmm…










Silver or brass? 😉

Lagertha linen dress (the blue, white and black dress)
Anna harnes/apron dress (red)
Skjoldehamn viking hood
Brooches, bling, belts and bags


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