Video: Halter transformation

Now, it’s Brego’s fault he grew his head so big, but it surely is not his problem that normal tack doesn’t fit! After I learned to craft in leather, I learned to appreciate his big brain. Before that… Gosh. When obtaining even a basic halter turned into an international adventure, or a costly custom fit purchase… Not so much! Although I usually make tack from scratch, modifying tack to fit is also one way to go about it.

The halter didn’t get fully botched, halters without throatlatches are often sold and marketed as “grooming halters” (worked in the industry, sold quite a lot of them!), so consider it a well thought through transformation. I’m very happy with how it turned out!

Original halter by Hööks.


Video: My WEIRD saddle pad collection

Hey! Look at me go!

It’s been requested for quite some time that I should make a few YouTube videos, and as I also realised I really need to become better at editing videos… Yup, I willingly buckled under pressure. Months ago I asked you what videos you wanted, and the big majority wanted me to show off my saddle pad collection. So here it is!

It feels a bit awkward, and it truly isn’t the most exciting video you will spend time watching – but then again I’m not the most exciting person in the world. So it’s a bit of a match there. For more info, there’s quite a chapter in the video description on YouTube, so if you have some reindeer related questions, that’s probably where you will find the answers!

Be nice, m’kay, as I have written a lot of times – I’m doing this partly because I want to become better at video editing, which kinda implies I have yet to master the skill 😛