Video: My WEIRD saddle pad collection

Hey! Look at me go!

It’s been requested for quite some time that I should make a few YouTube videos, and as I also realised I really need to become better at editing videos… Yup, I willingly buckled under pressure. Months ago I asked you what videos you wanted, and the big majority wanted me to show off my saddle pad collection. So here it is!

It feels a bit awkward, and it truly isn’t the most exciting video you will spend time watching – but then again I’m not the most exciting person in the world. So it’s a bit of a match there. For more info, there’s quite a chapter in the video description on YouTube, so if you have some reindeer related questions, that’s probably where you will find the answers!

Be nice, m’kay, as I have written a lot of times – I’m doing this partly because I want to become better at video editing, which kinda implies I have yet to master the skill 😛


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