My man Loretto

Loretto was the first horse I bought for my own money. He was old and thin and a little awkward, but I spent all my money on him and before I knew it, he was mine. We were able to stay together for close to four years. He developed PPID (“Cushings” syndrome), and we managed to keep him healthy and fairly sound for a while. Sadly his eyesight became so poor in the end that we chose to let him go.


I am not a person who is afraid of death. It is just as natural as the birth of something new, except you trade happiness and excitement for sorrow and grief. Being able to allow Loretto to pass on when he no longer could find joy in his everyday life was an honor. Being able to allow him to pass on before it was “too late”, was also an honor. He left us in November 2015, which seems like ‘yesterday’ to me.

It is always bittersweet to say goodbye, yet I know I’d much rather let them go a week “too early”, than realize I’ve waited for too long.

I was able to plan ahead for some time, and booked a session with Anette Augestad ( She is on the top 3 list of my favourite equine photographers and I was honored she could make room for us before his passing. It was late November, and if anyone was wondering; yes, the water was very cold. Loretto being as blind as he was, trusted me completely, and did not ask twice about standing beside me in the water. My dress flew in between his legs, I had my barefoot feet right next to his studded hooves, underneath several feet of freezing dark water, and I felt as safe as ever.

Thank you Anette.


It might just be me, because I knew him so well, but in this picture you can see very clearly how blind he was. That head tilt and those ears gives it away to me.



I don’t have red hair anymore and I kinda miss it, yet I don’t at all because blond goes so well with everything else! I barely used any red/orange/wine red/dark red/brown clothing because it didn’t match at all. Now I can use anything and still look tidy. Also my fringe is easier to keep; it doesn’t show as well when it decides to curl up and sideways, and that’s actually a bit nice.


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