Throwback: March 2019

Sometimes I find myself looking through old photo folders on my laptop, and I thought it could be interesting to take a trip through memory lane, for March 2019.

_DSC5488We had some family fun in the snow!

_DSC6570Diego had some really, really nice moments in the lunge.

_DSC6666And.. uhm.. some interesting moves too

_DSC5858We had another snowfall, and Brego did his ever first canter in a field. Proud!

IMG_2364I had my very first shoot with Klesarven, without a horse. I was sooo uncomfortable!! I definitively needed my horse to feel safe in front of the camera, haha!

_DSC7279We visited the local nature reservoire in the sunset. Amazing!

_DSC6112We had yet another snowfall. And I got new boots!

_DSC6876I made Brego a bridle and I was incredibly proud of it. He broke it beyond repair only one month later.

_DSC7096I was also able to take Diego for a ride in the “local” riding arena, to ride for my trainer. We left in a hurry and I forgot I had taken the noseband off my bridle the day before. We looked a bit alternative and I wish I didn’t take my ice blue jacket. Also my boots were still so stiff I struggled to ride with them, haha!

Do you look back at old pictures too? I realise this blog is almost all Diego pictures, whops!


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