The very well planned yet increadibly spontanous photo shoot.

Alright. We all know how unpredictable life is. And this photo shoot was very well planned, Kristine was coming over from fairy far away, and I had this grand idea of my outfit and makeup and everything. 


So I didn’t get to shower or wash my hair. I didn’t even have the time to do my makeup. For a very long period of time, we weren’t even sure we’d manage to get any pictures taken, because daylight is limited in Norway during winter. So I rushed home from work, grabbed two thick woollen sweaters, the first pair of breeches I found on the floor, threw my fringe to the side and drove like crazy to the stable.

But we managed.

With a tiny ice-less spot on the corner of the stable, we managed. Lillen couldn’t walk anywhere because his clumsy barefootness would’ve caused him to fall over. We didn’t even got the time to brush his hair. But we managed. Or, correct that; Kristine managed.


I looked the lovechild of a raisin and a potato. But Lillen is handsome and the pictures are gorgeous. And that’s all that matters, right?

Pictures by the ever so amazing Kristine Øihaugen (you’ll find her here on Instagram). We are planning another shoot soon, and hopefully this will turn out to be as well planned as we plan to!


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