Stan the shire

What a good way to start the day! This morning, a kind follower alerted me that Lillen had been put up for sale… On the german Ebay site. I am of course not fond of people who tries to scam and fraud people, but I am not that kind of person who freaks out or gets sad when people do this. Let me all introduce you to Stan the shire!


In this ad, you will be presented with four pictures of Lillen, picked from my Instagram Account.

As this wasn’t unoriginal enough, he is stated to be 10 years old and 189cm tall. Which is absolute true of course, seeing as they’ve picked the information straight from my account.

However, in order to disguise their fraud, they’ve renamed him. Because was they selling Lillen? Oh no. Their horse was a totally different one.

Named Stan.


I don’t speak german, but Google Translate gently guided me through his ad. He is apparently a very kind horse, gentle in all imaginable situations. Also we apparently know this person, since the horse is advertised on our behalf. Now; which one of you crazy guys is behind this?? *glaring at my follower count, since it probably has to be one of you* (just joking here)

He is also valued at 9500€.

But is it Lillen?

Of no no; this is Stan.

I immediately reported the ad, not because I was offended, but because of the obvious reason that I don’t want people to be seriously interested in a horse that turns out to be pure scam. I always report ad’s where I suspect there is a fraud behind it. I only hope the scammer hasn’t found any victims yet.

This of course only goes to show how important it is to never buy a horse you have not seen in person. Also make sure that his identification papers are correct and matching the horse you are looking into, and do search the web for information about him. Google Searching the pictures in the ad will also give you an idea if the pictures in the ad is stolen. It’s not a guarantee, but it can help.

I tried to get in touch with the person responsible for the ad. I sent him/her a message (in English, not sure if the language barrier is there or not) “kindly” asking the ad to be deleted. I also told him/her to ‘please fuck off <3’, just to increase the potential of some drama. I have also requested the person to say something, and alerted him/her that this is going to be posted online for everyone to see.

The pictures is a bit blurry, but trust me; the details are not very important. It’s a very basic ad, except their lack of being able to state properly what kind of education he has, and other details you expect to find in an advert. Yet; nothing too alarming honestly.


So far I haven’t gotten a response. Which makes me sad :c Was I too hash in the message I sent? Are they afraid to create drama?

The ad was taken down within 5 minutes after reporting it; I would suggest the person behind it deleted it him/herself after my lovely message, as Ebay themselves weren’t able to check out the ad themselves.

I hereby declare November the 18th the official Stan-the-Shire-day. It is celebrated by having a laugh at that time a person tried to sell Lillen’s identical twin named Stan.

If I do ever get a reply from them, I’ll let you all know ❤


3 responses to “Stan the shire”

  1. This remind me of when i were looking for a new pony. We went out to look at a 14 year old pony. When we came she were 16. And she tried walking me down. And eating my hand. And she were horrible to ride.
    So we didn’t buy her.


  2. What a crazy story…
    Should you ever have problems again, don’t hesitate to contact me so I will help you out sending a german speaking message to them! Have a great evening!


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