Thursdays are for throwbacks

The age old TBT, often accompanied with a hashtag, is actually one of my favourite trends in the online community. I love looking back at old pictures, and I love sharing them with everyone! For this TBT I want to share some pictures from a shoot I had with Brego last autumn.


The Norwegian equine blog platform is great at highlighting its best bloggers, and every month they crown a dedicated individual to be their “blogger of the month”. If you win, you are awarded with one of their famous woollen rugs, a rug most bloggers really really really want to be able to put on their horse.

They also have a “blogger of the year”-award, where they have several different sub-categories, in addition to the prestigious “THE blogger of the year”. In this competition, you can also win rugs, books (about horses, you can choose from a huge selection!) or clothing. And if you were nominated, but didn’t win, you get a little prize nevertheless, because you deserve a little something. is awesome like that.

Somehow I was awarded Blogger of the Month for August 2016. Or, the ‘somehow’ is thrown in there to show some modesty, if I’m allowed to be honest I put a lot of work into my blogs that August 😛 And sure enough; two weeks after I was crowned winner of the monthly competition, the famous rug turned up at my post office.


And being an equine blogger, we of course had to do a Photoshoot with the rug.

Sadly, I am not very good at posing, so when I’m in front of the camera I rely on my horses to look pretty.

Sadly, Brego has no idea how to look pretty. So we ended up with a lot of goofy and straight down unsuccessful pictures where none of us look good, and we look random enough for none of it to be funny. Oh well.

“NO apples before you look pretty, alright?”
… the size of his head… 

(Don’t worry, I did share with him)

“See, Brego, THE CAMERA IS OVER THERE. Pose in that direction! Ears forward!”

Also a typical Brego pose. What, why do I need to be in the picture?


Also, I know the bit is too big, he had to borrow Lillen’s snaffle who had huge D-rings, in order for the bridle-thing to actually fit. This was around the time when Brego decided to out-grow my entire wardrobe of bridles, so I had to improvise, alright? 😀


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