Riding bitless with a 1200kg horse

5 thoughts on “Riding bitless with a 1200kg horse”

  1. I love this – I am so keen on the bites experience, I haven’t ventured there yet, just because I know I am not in tune with my own body enough to be able to communicate with him through my seat. I am working away hard, but this is a breath of fresh air – thank you

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    1. Thank you to you too! 🙂 And all the best of luck! It can take some time for both horse and rider to get the hang of the seat-thing, but it pays off! 🙂

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  2. Yes, yes, yes! I love how you used Family Guy as a reference, haha! But this is so true. I can ride Baldur the same with a bit or bitless, but I would probably never ride him bitless if I knew we were going to gallop on a hack or something. I do trust him, but I do trust his instincts as well – he will spook and he will bolt, I know him this much to choose the safer option! Both for me and for him. I am so glad you finally have a bitless option for Lillen though, he is so handsome with that sidepull, you did a gread handcrafting job!

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  3. Couldn’t agree more. People hurt horses, not bits. Some horses HATE bitless bridles, too. Some hackamores are too invasive on sensitive noses. I do like a side pull as a go-to bitless. Also, welcome to the blogger group AND amazing photos!

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