Well, hi there.

How did you end up here? You seem both curious and slightly lost. No worries though, let me guide you through this in a calm and collected manner.

Easily explained; this is a blog.

My name is Emma. Seeing that you ended up here, I’m sure you clicked a link which said “Holy Cow, I’ve started a blog! In English!!”, or something. If not, I am seriously impressed by your ability to stalk me on the internet. Have you checked with your local police department if they need a highly skilled internet detective? I’m sure your abilities could do some good.


Well, it was about time though. I have been an equestrian blogger on the Norwegian site hest.no for 9 years now, and have long been slightly interested in starting on my own platform. I was however not entirely sure about how to pull it all of. Leaving my beloved blog Vrinske, just to explore posting stuff in English? Nah, I couldn’t do that.

But sticking to the tiny post descriptions on Instagram is not my style either. You see, in February I opened an Instagram Account for our Shire Horse, Lillen. I had never before even had an Instagram Account for myself. You have probably seen him, and if not, I’ll make sure you don’t miss out on the biggest living thing in my life. The Instagram-thing was all just a cozy little thing I did, because my Norwegian blog mostly featured my other two horses, Diego and Brego. I wanted to give Lillen his own space. And here we are, half a year later, with 36 000 followers, and rapidly growing. Like, holy shit. Where do you all come from?

And well, I talk. Like a lot. I need more words and more space than Instagram can offer. And therefore I came to the conclution that there is just too much on the English part of my mind. I needed a blog. One in English. So here we are!

I doubt I will get much of an audience here, as I have no idea how to blog in English and how the international blog-thing works, but thankfully I am perfectly capable of talking to myself as well. No worries, future me or potential readers!


This is Lillen, by the way. If you want more of him, stalk our Instagram Account @lillentheshire. Or pay attention to this blog, as I will try to post regurarly. And just to avoid any confusion, my mother is crazy after horses too. Yes that is her, sitting on his bum. You can tell us apart by my gigantic head, velvet helmet and hair flying everywhere. My mom is a bit more classy.

Anyways, if you want updates from this blog; follow Lillen’s IG page, and I’ll alert you whenever I post something here!


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