The Human


What is worth knowing about me? 

Well, I own horses. Or, to be honest; they seem to own me most of the time. You’d think they were cats! I dedicate my life to give them the best possible life there is, and have done so the past 12 years.

For those out there who want to stalk me a little; let me make it easier for you.

I am 23 years old, Norwegian. Part-time viking (or, not really, but I do enjoy the Viking age a lot!), full-time hobbit (I’m 164cm/5’4″ tall). I study digital marketing, work with digital marketing, take a lot of photos of everything, and work part-time with home staging.


I have blogged since I was 11, and my Norwegian blog Vrinske has been visited over 600 000 times the last two years it was active. After opening an Instragram account for one of our horses, Lillen, I finally also figured it is time to move over to my own platform where I can reach the international audience.

I have this goal with my social media accounts, and that is to create a place which makes people think. Think about nice things. A little bit of entertainment, with a dash of education. Also, I’m not going to pretend I don’t enjoy showing off my horses. I think they’re kinda cute!