The Human


What is worth knowing about me? 

Well, I own horses. Or, to be honest; they seem to own me most of the time. I dedicate my life to give them the best possible life there is, and have done so the past 12 years.

For those out there who want to stalk me a little; let me make it easier for you.

I am a 23 y/o blonde girl from Norway, who truly believes I am about 12. I am possibly the most childish person at my age (don’t believe me? Watch me pet a cow! I dare you.), yet work my hardest to be reflective, open-minded, kind, patient. Work in progress, with that last one, but I like to believe I am somewhat decently along the way with the others.


I have blogged since I was 11, and my Norwegian blog Vrinske has been visited over 600 000 times the last two years. After opening an Instragram Account for one of my horses, Lillen, I finally also figured it is time to move over to my own platform where I can reach the international audience.

I have this goal with my social media accounts, and that is to create a place which makes people think. Think about nice things. Also, I’m not going to pretend I don’t enjoy showing off my horses. I think they’re kinda cute!