Sponsors and Business

I am very lucky to be working with those I consider to be the best at what they do. I am also very proud to only be working with companies who have high quality products, great fit, and a wonderful customer service.

My amazing riding skirts are all from Klesarven, as well as my full circle riding dress. The skirts keep me warm throughout the winter, but they also look incredible for everyday wear around town. It doesn’t matter if they’re paired with a set of riding breeches and a thick, fluffy woollen sweater, or a tidy, ironed shirt, it’ll look timeless and elegant no matter what. But the best part? No one will notice if you are wearing baggy, unflattering sweatpants underneath!

MWB_6414 copy.JPG

I’m also incredibly lucky to be sponsored by UnderNull, who have gifted me their Femund 922 shoe, as well as the Nesnalobben traditional norwegian wool felt boot. They have the warmest winter shoes I’ve ever had on my feet, and I feel very thankful to have been kept warm and toasty this winter.


In addition, Uhip have been incredibly genorous and gifted me several coats, jackets, merino base layers and stockings, and they keep me dry and warm in all sorts of “uhip weathers”. I am every so thankful for this, and I have never been more well equipped to handle all sorts of temperatures, rainfalls and snowfalls. Thank you!



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