The Horses

I have several horses in my life.

A short presentation:

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Lillen; Shire Horse; 13 y/o; Gelding

The biggest man in our lives is probably Lillen the Shire. With an impressive height of 189cm/19hh, and a weight which clocks in at 1,2 tons/2650lbs, he is one of the largest horses in Norway. Lillen is however completely unaware that he is a large horse, and believes he is a little hamster – always trying to squeeze through doorways in which he will definetively not fit through.


Brego; Norwegian Dole Horse; 7 y/o; Gelding

Brego is about the opposite of Lillen. Brego is, in Brego’s eyes, the largest and best horse in the world. There is no end to his ego and proudness, but he does allow himself a nice cuddle every now and then. Brego came to me as a little baby, and I must say I have completely spoilt him, and he will probably be “my baby” forever. Whoops.


Diego; Danish Warmblood; 18 y/o; Gelding

The sport horse in our collection is Diego. He is a fairly large one, yet will always be the pony. This pony is a retired eventing horse, now doing pretty well in the dressage arena, and teaches me some manners when it comes to riding. He is the biggest diva I’ve ever met, and he is not afraid to show it.

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