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I’m Emma, a norwegian equestrian.

I work in as an advisor in communications, and sometimes I use this blog.


  • A beginners guide to leather crafting, pt 3

    A beginners guide to leather crafting, pt 3

    Okay! The newbie is here to instruct other newbies – no offence to us all, but I guess the reason you’re here is to either learn something new or to judge my newbie skills, so I figured we’d just get it sorted right away! This post is number three, you can read part one and…

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  • A beginners guide to leather crafting pt. 2

    A beginners guide to leather crafting pt. 2

    If you read part 1, you know what we’re doing! I’m back, you’re back, let’s do this! You can read part 1 here – if you sent me a question and I didn’t answer it, it’s because I already have written about it! How do you make padding to go underneath the noseband and over…

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  • Klesarven photo shoot

    Klesarven photo shoot

    Reklame/in collaboration with Klesarven! Okay, I’ve grown more and more accepting of standing in front of the camera alongside of Lillen and our other horses, which is funny because that confidence has grown probably because of Instagram. But being in front of the camera WITHOUT a horse? That was a new experience. Klesarven is a…

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  • A beginners guide to leather crafting

    A beginners guide to leather crafting

    Hand crafting is popular again! And leather crafting is something that’s really fashionable at the moment, and seeing as I post a lot about my leather nooby journey on my Instagram Stories, I do receive a lot of questions. So I figured I’d answer some FAQs – I will not be making any tutorials, but…

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  • Brego’s new halter

    Brego’s new halter

    Handmade… By me! Brego’s previous handmade leather halter (not made by me) got pretty ruined that one time he tried to eat it for lunch. He’s been using a rope halter since then, as his head is so large I cannot buy anything from the store, but a few weeks ago I got super mad…

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  • How to love a horse

    How to love a horse

    How much do you love your horse? Unconditionally, obviously. But what do you do to show your horse you love him? What specific things will tell your horse about your undying devotion to his well-being?  Everyone will answer this question differently. And after having a look at all 3 of our horses, I realized something.…

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