Hi there

I’m Emma, a norwegian equestrian.

I work in as an advisor in communications, and sometimes I use this blog.


  • DP El Campo, first impressions

    DP El Campo, first impressions

    Ad in collaboration with DP Saddlery LP and Deuber&Partner If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed something super exciting just happened – my tack from Deuber&Partner just came in, and it’s hard to describe properly how in awe I am! Let’s take a closer look at what was delivered to our front…

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  • Video: Halter transformation

    Video: Halter transformation

    Now, it’s Brego’s fault he grew his head so big, but it surely is not his problem that normal tack doesn’t fit! After I learned to craft in leather, I learned to appreciate his big brain. Before that… Gosh. When obtaining even a basic halter turned into an international adventure, or a costly custom fit…

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  • Video: My WEIRD saddle pad collection

    Video: My WEIRD saddle pad collection

    Hey! Look at me go! It’s been requested for quite some time that I should make a few YouTube videos, and as I also realised I really need to become better at editing videos… Yup, I willingly buckled under pressure. Months ago I asked you what videos you wanted, and the big majority wanted me…

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  • How I grew my Instagram

    How I grew my Instagram

    Every Q&A I do, this question pops up. Seeing as my studies today require me to spend seven hours reading a beginner guide to blogging (and a WordPress step-by-step guide), I decided to procrastinate and write this blog (on my WordPress site) instead. Sorry, professor, I have more interesting things to do! Building your social…

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  • Throwback: March 2019

    Throwback: March 2019

    Sometimes I find myself looking through old photo folders on my laptop, and I thought it could be interesting to take a trip through memory lane, for March 2019. We had some family fun in the snow! Diego had some really, really nice moments in the lunge. And.. uhm.. some interesting moves too We had…

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  • How to keep your feet warm

    How to keep your feet warm

    This is actually a question I recieve quite often! How do I keep my feet warm when I’m out and about in the snow, and several degrees below freezing point? How do I keep warm when I’m “stuck” on horseback for hours in icy wind and temperatures? Well… here’s my tips for you all! I…

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