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I’m Emma, a norwegian equestrian.

I work in as an advisor in communications, and sometimes I use this blog.


  • DP Jerez SKL – 2 YEAR Update

    DP Jerez SKL – 2 YEAR Update

    Ad in collaboration with DP Saddlery LP and Deuber&Partner Back in June 2020 I had the incredible experience of having two amazing saddles delivered on my doorstep. I promised you a six month update review on both, and if you would like to read my first impressions (link) for the Jerez SKL first, you will…

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  • The reindeer saddle pad: FAQ

    The reindeer saddle pad: FAQ

    One of my most commonly asked questions! Why do I have a fur under my saddle? So here’s why, along with the 18 FAQ’s that tends to come as follow-up questions! To read the study I’m referencing, you can find the abstract here (clickable link). While it’s a small study, there are a lot of…

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  • Dear pentathlon riders; a rant.

    Dear pentathlon riders; a rant.

    I need to write this, because my blood is boiling. And you need to read this, because I refuse to believe you are as ignorant as some of you pretend to be. The poor quality of the riding in modern pentathlon showjumping has gone under the radar for long enough. I understand you have been…

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  • 2020 – Quite Interesting

    2020 – Quite Interesting

    If you told me, at New Years last year, that I would go through 2020 with a favourite hand sanitizer… Yeah, I wouldn’t quite believe it. I have been fortunate to not have my life turned upside down all too much, and eventhough we’re in the middle of a pandemic, 2020 also brought with it…

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  • The magical phenomenon that is respect

    The magical phenomenon that is respect

    It’s been “forever” since I shared anything here on my blog, but lately my fingers have wanted to write a longer piece of text – and as we all know, longer pieces of text aren’t Instagrams strongest side. You see, for a while now I’ve been asked about my thoughts about respect. Between horse and…

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  • DP Jerez SKL, first impressions

    DP Jerez SKL, first impressions

    Ad in collaboration with DP Saddlery LP and Deuber&Partner The second saddle from Deuber&Partner is on the writing block today, you all voted for me to write about the DP El Campo first, so here’s the link to that post! This time, I’ll give you my first impressions on my dream saddle, the DP Jerez…

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